Experience Fellowship

When you visit Fellowship Baptist Church, we want you to feel welcome and have a joyful experience. We have reserved parking spaces near the entrances for our first-time guests and several Welcome desks where any questions can be answered.

Learn More about Fellowship

At Fellowship Baptist, we emphasize building strong, meaningful relationships with others while learning the practical principles from the Word of God. Our goal as a church is to build people's lives in the Word of God and to prepare them to do what God has for them.

Get Connected at Fellowship

Fellowship Baptist is a church where you, our relationships, and helping one another in our walks with Christ are meaningful. We don't want to leave you alone, we want to help you get connected with people and groups so that we can all uplift, edify, and encourage one another. We have a place for you regardless of marital status or age. Whether you are new to Fellowship, have questions, or have been a believer for a long time.

Giving & Serving

Your gifts and talents enable our church ministries and world missions to reach our local communities and those around the world with the message of the Gospel and the love of Christ.

Fellowship Media

We offer resources that will help you grow as a believer, from Bibles to recorded messages and other resources for every age. Media availability will grow to help support and encourage your walk.

Our Services

Our traditional services and times are as follows. We occasionally have changes, such as combined services (no adult Sunday School and have Worship Service from 10:00 am - 12:15 pm), to accommodate special events. We try to make everyone aware of these changes ahead of time through announcements and our schedule.



Ages 0-3

During all normal services, nurseries are provided for ages 6 weeks to 36 months.

10 AM

Ages 3-12

Sunday School for this age group is held downstairs in Kids Town.

Ages 12-18

Sunday School for Teens is held in the Teen Department.

Ages 18-30

For young adults and college students, the Emerge Department is located near the West Entrance.

Ages 18+

All other Adult Bible Fellowship is held in various classrooms in Dinoff Hall.

11 AM

Ages 3-6

Ages 3-6 stay downstairs in Kids Town for Junior Church.

Ages 7-12

In-Sight/In-Flight Junior Churches is for ages 7-12. In-Sight is upstairs in the Intermediate Department above the Emerge Department. In-Flight is in the Emerge Department.

Ignite Junior Choir is for ages 7-12 and held in the Homebuilders Classroom in Dinoff Hall.

Worship Service

Worship Service is held in the main sanctuary.

6 PM

Ages 3-7

Cherub Choir for ages 3-7 is held in Kids Town.

Celebration Service

Celebration Service is held in the main sanctuary.


7 PM

Ages 0-3

Nurseries are provided for ages 6 weeks to 36 months.

Ages 3-12

Awana / Cadets for Christ is for ages 3-12 and held in the Emerge Department near the West Entrance.

Ages 12-18

Konnect is held in the middle building Teen Department.

Ages 18+

Adult Bible Studies/Prayer Groups are held in the Adult Bible Classroom near the welcome desk of Dinoff Hall.