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When you visit Fellowship Baptist Church, we want you to feel welcome and have a joyful experience. We have reserved parking spaces near the entrances for our first-time guests and several Welcome desks where any questions can be answered.

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At Fellowship Baptist, we emphasize building strong, meaningful relationships with others while learning the practical principles from the Word of God. Our goal as a church is to build people's lives in the Word of God and to prepare them to do what God has for them.

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Fellowship Baptist is a church where you, our relationships, and helping one another in our walks with Christ are meaningful. We don't want to leave you alone, we want to help you get connected with people and groups so that we can all uplift, edify, and encourage one another. We have a place for you regardless of marital status or age. Whether you are new to Fellowship, have questions, or have been a believer for a long time.

Giving & Serving

Your gifts and talents enable our church ministries and world missions to reach our local communities and those around the world with the message of the Gospel and the love of Christ.

Fellowship Media

We offer resources that will help you grow as a believer, from Bibles to recorded messages and other resources for every age. Media availability will grow to help support and encourage your walk.

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The all-new “Christmas Experience” begins the moment you enter the door! You will be taken back in time as you walk the streets of Bethlehem, experiencing live animals, merchants, guards, and more. As you enter the city, you will be captivated by the busyness of the town and hear from the hearts of the incredible people that were part of the Christmas story. This is just the pre-show at 6 PM! The drama will begin promptly at 7 PM!

“The Christmas Experience” is an all-new, heart-warming drama with live animals, special effects, and a cast over 200 actors and singers. Come early because the lights will go out and the drama will begin promptly at 7 PM. To help make this Christmas experience come alive for you and your family, you will be brought back to bible times from the moment you enter the door and this theme will continue until the drama comes to a close.

This is a full length drama that tells the Christmas story starting all the way back in Genesis and goes through the life of Christ and His return. There is never a dull moment in this drama. Join us for this all-new “Christmas Experience”!

Dates and Times

Doors open at 5:30 PM each night. Performance times are:

  • December 6 (Saturday) at 7 PM, Pre-show at 6 PM
    (SOLD OUT)
  • December 7 (Sunday) at 7 PM, Pre-show at 6 PM
  • December 12 (Friday) at 7 PM, Pre-show at 6 PM
  • December 13 (Saturday) at 7 PM, Pre-show at 6 PM
    (SOLD OUT)
  • December 14 (Sunday) at 7 PM, Pre-show at 6 PM

Admission and Seating

  • Seating is limited and admission is by tickets only
  • All tickets are free
  • Admission by ticket only
  • All seats are first-come – There are no reserved seats
  • Nursery provided (up to age 3)
  • Interpreter for the hearing impaired provided
  • Pre-show begins at 6 PM, and the drama will begin promptly at 7 PM
  • Please by seated by 6:45 PM, at which time all other seating will be filled in


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  • The rows are pews, not individual seats. You are just selecting a spot in that particular pew.
  • If you have someone in your group who must stay in a wheelchair, you MUST select seats in section B (the left side section). We cannot accommodate wheelchairs in secttion A (the center section).

TicketLeap.com handles tickets for the event. They can help you print or find and re-send your tickets.


We will note here and on the site if there is a cancellation due to weather. If there is a Level 2 Snow Emergency, the performance will automatically be cancelled.

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  • FREE! There is no cost for the drama or the tickets
  • A love offering is received at each performance to offset the cost of the drama. Our desire is to make this free and available for our community. We are able to continue this ministry through the donations and love gifts of our church members and those that attend.
  • No one is obligated or pressured to give. We count it a blessing to have you and your family join us on these nights!
  • There will be an opportunity at the end of the evening to donate!



  • Nursery is provided for infants and toddlers up to age 3. Any greeter or usher will be able to guide you to our nurseries.
  • Please help us by keeping infants and small children out of the performance. It is our desire that every person and family that attends is able to enjoy the message without distractions or interruptions. In the event that a child or baby is present during the drama and causes a distraction, our ushers will be instructed to help escort you to one of our nurseries. Thank you in advance for help in this matter.

Hearing Impaired

  • We will have an interpreter for the hearing impaired at all performances. Please make this need known to any usher and they will be able to guide you to this section.

Additional Information

  • Please be aware that strobe lights, artificial smoke, haze, and loud sound effects are part of this performance.
  • Due to the graphic nature of the trial and crucifixion scenes, some aspects of this drama may not be suitable for smaller children. We leave this to the discretion of the parent or guardian.